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General Practice in Jersey

The Primary Care Body is a committee of Jersey General Practitioners elected by their colleagues to represent them in the public domain. Its function is both to represent the island’s GPs at a political level and also to reflect the diverse nature of general practice -- now more widely known as Primary Care.

We would very much welcome your views, good or bad; in particular on the content and functionality of this website and in general on improvements you feel we could make to ensure the highest quality of care for our patients. Rest assured we and the remainder of our colleagues are committed to this task and are working closely with the States of Jersey and other agencies to achieve this aim. There are around 103 GPs working in Jersey - 88 Whole time equivalents.

The Primary Care Body is affiliated to The Wessex Local Medical Committee (LMC) helping to keep Jersey GPs up to date and in line with national standards.

All GPs will be on a States of Jersey Performers List. This will enable doctors to demonstrate that they are up-to-date and fit to practise according to the standards laid down by the General Medical Council (GMC) . It will also ensure that any concerns or complaints about a doctor are investigated in Jersey and are acted upon promptly and appropriately.

Our Aims:

• To encourage and promote the practice of High Quality Primary Care
• To promote high standards of professional conduct among practitioners
• To encourage and promote the study and development of Primary Care
• To work with other agencies to foster development of health services that ensure patient safety and quality of care
• To represent the views of General Practitioners to other organisations or agencies in particular:-

(i) the administration of the profession

(ii) civil rights or liberties or matters of public interest, or

(iii) the enactment of legislation or the review or reform of existing laws pertaining to Primary Care

(iv) changes to delivery of Primary Care in the future

If you have any comments regarding the content and functionality of this website, we would be pleased to hear your suggestions. You can do this through the “contact us” button on the right-hand side at the top of this page, and filling in the form in that section.